ASUG Wisconsin – “You seriously want to buy my colleague”

I’ve got your attention, right? Before I explain, I first want to thank the attendees for being so supportive. The room was so crowded, we scrambled to find extra chairs and even more people came after we started. It felt good that people are interested enough in testing that they stood for the entire 45 minutes in the back of the room. A presentation on testing best practices, and they stood to listen! I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

Testing SAP ERP Applications.

Download PDF SAP Testing SAP ERP Applications

So, here’s what happened… we were at ASUG Wisconsin in Pewaukee where I presented common pitfalls, lessons learned and ways to test these large enterprise systems so they can meet their deadline dates. Jonathan presented the best practices part and shared our SAP Upgrade & Patch Best Practice poster. After the meeting, as I was scheduling follow-ups with folks interested in our solutions, a few ladies came over and told me I should sell Jonathan. They loved his British accent and “could listen to him all day”. Hmm, so I thought long and hard and said “YES, of course he’s for sale.” Ok, I’m just kidding, he’s not for sale because that is illegal. They looked sad, and he looked sad too. Oh well…

As with every event, what I came away with:
• The 2025 date has yet to change or move out, so Senior Managers are sponsoring, supporting and engaging more with SAP.
• Over the last few months, I’ve seen more focus on understanding how migrations will be managed. Watching attendance grow at these events is a great example.
• Planning for Test and QA activities is finally ramping up (music to my ears). And, there even a budget dedicated to making sure it’s successful.
• Jonathan is not for sale, but if you go to our website and go to the video’s section, you can hear his voice. You’re welcome 😁
• If you’re interested in the SAP Upgrade & Patch Best Practice poster, feel free to give us a holler or reach out to me directly!

Lisa Ratajczyk, Director of Solution Acquisition