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If your SAP validation processes are manual, there will be an unreasonable burden of time and effort on your business. Conference Room Pilots (CRP) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) will be labor-intensive and draining. When users find an issue, they will have to go back, try to replicate it, copy and paste screen shots into Word, and type in a description of what they did when the error occurred.

SAP Upgrade Case Study: Download Marston’s SAP upgrade test automation story
Marston's SAP validation test automation story

Original Software streamlines the process dramatically. As the super-user works through the test script, our SAP test automation records all SAP user activity. So when an error is found the user can simply mark up the recording with a note. The details are automatically attached to a defect record, which appears in a developer’s or manager’s queue, along with an email alert.

  • Document issues automatically
  • Eliminate ambiguity for developers
  • Speed up regression testing

Using Qualify we are building a robust test strategy. The tools are helping us focus on test evidence and put the quality strategy in place, which will ultimately lead to higher quality standards.

Judy Doust, Marston’s Test Manager

Fast SAP Validation

As you step through the first, second, and third CRP, there is a significant amount of repetition of test scripts to ensure SAP validation. Instead of your users performing this repetitive work manually, our technology handles it automatically.

Literally hundreds of scripts can be executed at the touch of a button. The time savings can either be used to help meet project deadlines or reinvested to increase the scope of your testing and final SAP application quality.

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Original Software’s technology solution streamlines the following key processes of your SAP project.

Capture SAP Business Processes Automatically 
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Real-Time Test Management and Communication 
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