Application Testing

Real-Time SAP Test Management

Live visibility and control of testing tasks

  • Keep your project on track
  • Dashboard and alerts
  • Assign tasks and resources

SAP testing and validation will typically involve dozens of individuals from various departments and time zones.

If your project leaders are relying on email and spread-sheets to keep tabs on each project member’s progress then it may take days to compile a project status overview with any sort of accuracy – but by the time it is compiled it is already out of date. This can seriously hamper your project leaders’ ability to keep the program on track, provide visibility to others, and earn the confidence of senior executives.

Using Qualify we are building a robust test strategy. The tools are helping us focus on test evidence and put the quality strategy in place, which will ultimately lead to higher quality standards.

Judy Doust, Marston’s Test Manager

Instant Information to Keep your Project on Track

With a suitable technology platform in place, the situation is transformed.

Now your project team has immediate access to a real-time overview of testing progress. Graphs and dashboards make the information easy to understand and share with business leaders. Managers can dive down into any test case or test result, identify tasks that are behind schedule and re-allocate them to other team members.

The system serves as the repository for all test assets – plans, cases, scripts, and results – and the hub for all team members to access and perform their tasks. With improved visibility, managers can better ensure that all the necessary tasks are performed, allowing them to identify all critical defects before go-live.

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Original Software’s technology solution streamlines the following key processes of your ERP upgrade project.

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