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Watch the video on how to automate the capture of SAP business processes

  • Document all your SAP user processes
  • Create detailed proof of testing
  • Create training videos for every SAP user task
  • Zero burden on SAP users or IT

Original Software showed us how we could automatically record transactions and processes from our SAP software. We had no formal test scripts and were starting from scratch, so we could see it would be an extremely powerful way of building a test library.

Judy Doust, Marston’s Test Manager
Download PDF Marston’s SAP Case Study

Original Software provides a way for you to capture SAP business processes automatically. While your users go about their daily tasks in SAP, our technology records what is going on – every keystroke, every mouse click, every screen. The result is an animation or pdf of all SAP business processes that can be turned into executable test cases in two clicks.

Marston’s had over 1,000 transactions fully recorded and ready. Consequently, we could prep the scripts and data in a much more efficient way, because we could see a step by step guide of how the business was using SAP and had screen shots of all the customised screens. It took a lot of ambiguity out of writing the test cases. It also meant we had a data set ready to go.

Ben Williams, Senior Test Manager, Capita

SAP Compliance Evidence

For companies operating in regulated industries, you will be able to show your auditor a recording – either in the form of a pdf or animation – of the tests being performed and results obtained.

SAP Training Materials

Another use for your SAP documentation is as training material. What easier way to bring users up to speed than providing a self-service animation of how the process should be performed. This further reduces the time demand on super-users and enables business continuity in the absence of your subject matter experts.

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Original Software’s technology solution streamlines the following key processes of your SAP project.

Streamline SAP Validation and Defect Fixing 
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Real-Time SAP Test Management and Communication 
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