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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” A fact that is as true of an Oracle applications roll-out, upgrade or patch as of any political project. So when you come to assessing the impact of changes in your Oracle applications, you may find that you have a distinct lack of documentation around how your current version is used. Which makes it impossible to fully assess the scale of the task ahead of you for a test plan.

Download the upgrade and patch Oracle ebook

Download the Upgrade & Patch eBook

If you simply rely on super-users, drawn from functions such as finance, HR, operations, to provide their viewpoint, you will only ever be able to provide a “finger in their air” estimate of how long the testing and validation process will take. This uncertainty would make any project manager nervous, either causing time-scales to be pushed out or confidence to fall.

Most companies are uncomfortable with this scenario so they decide to properly document how the system is used – at least in a number of key business processes.

This can be a highly labor-intensive and time-consuming effort, taking valuable team members away from their core functions to step through the system copying and pasting screen shots and writing descriptions of their actions into Word documents. This is a considerable task that anyone would baulk at, and takes days or weeks per module.

While your users go about their daily tasks in the system, our technology records what is going on – every keystroke, every mouse click, every screen.

Automating the Creation of a Test Plan

Original Software provides a way for you to document system processes without it becoming a project in itself.

While your users go about their daily tasks in the system, our technology records what is going on – every keystroke, every mouse click, every screen, automating a test plan.

Complete Library

The result is an animation or pdf of every process – a library that your project team can review and discuss to make sure that the task of validating any Oracle application change, is properly resourced and scheduled. As a shortcut, we can even provide you with a ready-to-use test plan.

In the absence of such documentation,a pre-defined test plan would be completely missing or at best superficial, with an inconsistent level of detail, thereby reducing the quality of the validation that your project team can perform.

But with a technology solution in place, the creation of documentation for your test plan is almost effortless, allowing you to make an accurate test plan of the areas you will validate.

Reduce the Burden on your Oracle Applications Super-Users

A further benefit is that subsequent stages of the project will be less dependent on super-users. With fully detailed test scripts in hand, validation of the upgrade or patch can be performed by other people, enabling the project to proceed in a more timely and cost-effective fashion.

The final benefit of creating process documentation is that it constitutes ideal collateral for training new users of any Oracle application. In so doing, it further reduces the time demands on super-users for training sessions and refreshers, and quickly bringing all users up to a high level of productivity and job satisfaction. In this case, our solution is an easy-to-use alternative to Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK).

How Else Can Original Software Impact Your Upgrade?

Original Software’s technology solution streamlines the following key processes of your Oracle EBS upgrade or patch project.

Validation and Defect Fixing

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Test Management and Communication

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