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Oracle 8 Step Poster

Eliminate a Conference Room Pilot

If your Oracle software testing validation processes are manual, there will be an un-reasonable burden of time and effort on your business to replace. Conference Room Pilots (CRP) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) will be labor-intensive and draining. Your Oracle application users will find it difficult to get away from their day jobs for the significant chunks of time required. Under a manual process, when users find an error in the application, they will have to go back, try to replicate it, copy and paste screen shots into Word, and type in a description of what they did when the error occurred.

Download the upgrade and patch Oracle ebook

Download the Upgrade & Patch eBook

Then they will email the document to a developer or upload it to a file-share. The developer will review the document and try to replicate the error, but the document may not contain enough information to do so, in which case a telephone or face-to-face conversation will be necessary. Hopefully the developer can now replicate the error and can go ahead and fix it. When the fix is ready to be tested, it will have to go back to the original super-user who identified the error as they will be the only person that has a hope of replicating the exact scenario that caused it. The whole process is long-winded and low quality.

Eliminate Process Steps to Increase Productivity

Original Software provides a more efficient way. In fact, we eliminate a number of the above steps altogether. As the super-user works through the test script, our system automatically records all Oracle application user activity. So when an error is found the user can simply mark up the recording with a note. The details are automatically attached to a defect record, which appears in a developer’s or manager’s queue, along with an email alert. No need for the super-user to step back and reproduce the error, no need to manually describe everything that was going on. Neither does the developer have to attempt to recreate the error, or liaise with the super-user – they simply play back the animation and get on with fixing it. The overall impact of the improved process is that more errors are addressed, quality and speed improve, and super-users minimise time away from their core role. Often a CRP can be eliminated. But as significant as these improvements are, this approach is still fairly manual.

Jump to Light Speed

Literally hundreds of scripts can be executed at the touch of a button. The time savings can either be used to help meet project deadlines or reinvested to increase the scope of your Oracle software testing validation and final application quality.

As you step through the first, second, and third CRP, there is a significant amount of repetition of test scripts to ensure that areas of the system that have been validated as correct have not since been de-stabilized by changes made elsewhere. Instead of your users performing this repetitive work manually, our technology can handle it automatically. Literally hundreds of scripts can be executed at the touch of a button. The time savings can either be used to help meet project deadlines or reinvested to increase the scope of your oracle software testing validation and final application quality.

How Else Can Original Software Impact Your Upgrade?

Original Software”s technology solution streamlines the following key processes of your Oracle EBS upgrade or patch project.

Project Sizing and Test Planning

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Test Management and Communication

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