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Upgrades of core operational systems like ERP, CRM and so on are long, expensive and painful. A key reason is that the knowledge of what the system needs to do resides with users in finance, HR, sales, and service, etc. The IT department has to refer to these users frequently, but access is limited, causing project time-frames and costs to balloon.

Original Software enables you to automatically generate Oracle documentation of how to perform a business process.

The Quickest Way to Understand a Process

Oracle documentation can be published in numerous formats, such as pdf or html, but also as “animations”. Animations are the quickest and clearest way to understand a process because they mimic a user interacting with the application.
While they look like movies, they are actually far lighter, to avoid clogging up corporate networks.

Whichever format you choose, the Oracle documentation of your business process can be viewed by anyone with a Windows PC, enabling IT departments and their partners to understand the exact functionality the business requires.

Streamline your Upgrade or Roll-out Project

The technology, which requires no specialist skills, is part of an overall software solution that reduces the length of projects by 30%

The overall impact is to reduce IT reliance on users for system knowledge and streamline requirements gathering, development, testing, training, and support:

  1. Requirements gathering – For the first time, create accurate “as-is” ERP process documentation. Processes are captured automatically, in detail, and without human error.
  2. Development – High quality documentation eliminates to-and-fro conversation among developers, business analysts and users.
  3. Testing and validation – Create perfect test scripts and defect reports without manual work. Re-run tests automatically to reduce the number and duration of manual cycles.
  4. Training – Build a library of training documentation as a by-product of testing and validation.
  5. Support – Users send recordings of system issues to the help desk, speeding up issue resolution.
  6. Business continuity – Eliminate the risk of being unable to perform business processes when key individuals are absent.

The technology that radically speeds up your Oracle documentation, requires no specialist skills and is part of an overall software solution that reduces the length of projects by 30%. The package includes a quality management platform, manual testing, test automation, database testing, and for Oracle EBS, a library of pre-defined test cases.

How Else Can Original Software Impact Your Upgrade?

Original Software’s technology solution streamlines the following key processes of your Oracle EBS upgrade project and on-going patching.

Project Sizing and Test Planning
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Validation and Defect Fixing
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Test Management and Communication
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