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On average, 40% of the total application development life cycle is devoted to testing. With statistics like this it’s no wonder software test automation has been an boom industry. However, modern software testing is not just a QA affair.

These days developers, QA, business analysts and users all get involved with the quality assurance process.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of traditional test automation tools, have been designed for professional testers, they are very complex to use and require specialist programming knowledge to use properly. As a result most of the people involved in testing cannot use these tools, and end up testing manually. So here is a novel idea: Why doesn’t someone develop an automated testing solution that is easy to use? So that untrained testers can use them.

Well someone has! Original Software. Our automation solutions that do not rely on scripting language have opened up test automation to a much wider audience. Now your users and business analysts can benefit from automation as well as the testing specialists, minimizing business impact. You are no longer dependent on teams of expensive programmers and professional testers, you can cast your net wider and make the most of your available resources.

The scripting languages that the traditional tools use can cause other issues to. Because of their inability to cope with changing applications, traditional tools can only automate about 20% of all testing. The rest still needs to be carried out manually. Because you don’t have to rescript your tests for every change in the application Original Software’s solutions are completely re-usable What’s more, there is even a unique solution specifically designed to help with manual testing.

So with Original Software you really will be leading the way to solving the quality conundrum.

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