About Original Software

Stuart Bishop

Head of Customer Services


With over 15 years background in IT development, Stuart has a wealth of experience and great technical knowledge.

After graduating from Southampton University with a Mathematics degree, Stuart started out his career as a developer, working at Osprey Computer Services and then Fortis Insurance. In 1997, shortly after the company was founded, Stuart joined Original Software where he initially worked as a developer and managed the Aldon European Support Centre.

Prior to being made the Head of Customer Services, Stuart held many roles across the organisation and has been involved with support, training and developing new products. He played a major part in the development of TestBench for the iSeries, one of the company’s flagship products which is a great business solution and now has a very large install base.

He no longer has much time to devote to developing himself, but runs a tight ship in customer services and is proud of the department’s achievements since he took over its management. A great problem solver and good facilitator, Stuart’s role requires him to liaise with most of the teams across the organisation and to prioritise the input that he gets back from product specialists, customers, prospects and management.

Stuart likes to spend his free time at home with his wife and five children. His hobbies include playing badminton, tennis and 5-a-side football, as well as watching shows such as 24, Heroes, CSI and West Wing. Stuart is also heavily involved with supporting activities at his local church.

An Interview with Stuart

Q – What is the best business lesson you’ve learnt and how did you learn it?
A – You’re only as good as the team you have around you. When I went from being a developer to the Development Manager, I realised that I could not rely purely on my own efforts to achieve my goals.

Q – Who do you most admire and why?
A – My wife. She has infinite patience with our five children and still finds time to take care of me.

Q – What do you like to do in your spare time?
A – I enjoy playing five-a-side football, badminton, tennis, golf, watching movies and spending time with my family.

Q – I couldn’t live without?
A – My iPod. I can listen to music and podcasts at my own convenience mainly on the journey to and from work. A truly great invention.

Q – Cheese and wine or a pint and crisps?
A – Tricky. I actually enjoy all the above. If pushed, I would go for cheese and wine.

Q – What was your first ever job?
A – Working for Waitrose stacking shelves when I was 15.

Q – What was the first music single you ever purchased?
A – ‘Shaddupa Your Face’ by Joe Dolce.

Q – Your favourite movie and why?
A – ‘The Great Escape’. It’s just full of great actors and the story is very compelling.

Q – What would be your Mastermind personal topic? / What random subject are you an expert on?
A – Red Dwarf. I know all the episodes almost inside out.

Q – If you weren’t working at Original Software, what would you be doing?
A – I’d be a golf professional.

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