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George Wilson

Head of Sales and Operations


George is the Head of Sales and Operations and has responsibility for new business acquisition and initial consulting services to Original Software’s worldwide client base.

George was the first person Colin Armitage, CEO approached at the start of Original Software, recognising his ability to fully engage with customers based on his deep knowledge of software quality and agile methodologies reinforced by his large-scale development project experience within many areas of IT.

He has helped shaped the solutions Original offer today based on customer success and emerging market needs. An engineer by training, he previously served at a senior level at AIG and Osprey where he drove many innovations balanced against a formal ISO9001 quality environment.

He is a keen dinghy sailor, enthusiastic windsurfer and when on dry land will be found with a golf club in hand.

An Interview with George

Q – What is the best business lesson you’ve learnt and how did you learn it?
A – Find the right people and trust them. An organisation is its people and you need to have the right mix and the right attitudes so you can let them loose to be creative and add something to the business. We all make mistakes, but I have no problem with a genuine mistake made from good motives and intentions, it’s the mistake made from carelessness and a casual attitude that I hate.

Q – Who do you most admire and why?
A – There are many people, how do you pick one? I really admire my mother who is old and frail now, but when I think about the struggles she had in her life and what she achieved I feel very proud.

Q – What do you like to do in your spare time?
A – I like to be active, I don’t do sitting around. Golf, running, sailing, windsurfing, playing music (saxophone recently), anything to keep me busy.

Q – I couldn’t live without?
A – Music. I like to have music around me. My family are bemused when I cook as I like to turn up the music in the kitchen and mix air-guitar with cooking.

Q – Cheese and wine or a pint and crisps?
A – Pint and crisps, although I more often have cheese and wine.

Q – The thing you are most proud of in your career history to date?
A – Original Software. Working with Colin initially and now the whole team to have made it what it is now.

Q – What was your first ever job?
A – Working in the school holidays in the kitchen of a restaurant, cleaning up and washing up. The best bit was smashing the empty bottles against a wall so the bits fell in the skips at the end. I am sure these days it would be a Health and Safety no-no.

Q – Best Bond car/vehicle?
A – Aston Martin DB5, machine guns, ejector seat, tyre shredders, all that stuff you just expect as standard equipment these days.

Q – What was the first music single you ever purchased?
A – She Loves You – The Beatles. OK, it was a long time ago!

Q – Your favourite movie and why?
A – The Sound of Music. I have been secretly in love with Julie Andrews for most of my life.

Q – Golf, a good walk spoilt or the best way to spend a Sunday morning?
A – Actually a Saturday morning and a Sunday afternoon would be perfect. Sunday mornings should be more relaxed.

Q – Your claim to fame?
A – I once led the IMCO (windsurfing) World Championships. Actually it was the first race and I was over the line at the start so was disqualified, but for a moment I was in front!

Q – If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?
A – A cat. A cat does what it likes.

Q – Which famous personality is most like you and why?
A – Vin Diesel. He has worked hard on his body and with enough time and effort he may reach my state.

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