NCOAUG-2018 Making Happiness

Event Start From March 9th,2018

Making Happiness – A Life Strategy for Oracle Applications Users

Did you get happy with Original Software at this winter training day with NCOAUG?

With all the stress that upgrades and patches bring, there are many issues that you are unable to influence, such as deadlines, conflicts & resourcing. This educational presentation will show that there is a simple way to ease the stress of the above situations. By adhering to process best practice and following the process stages, from being prepared, thorough evaluation and planning, all the way through to go-live and post live support.

John Miner,Operations Director for the Americas will also show how using Original Software’s Quality Management platform, can make this process a lot simpler as well as alleviating a lot of the stress associated with this necessary activity.

How to have happy users
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