Lunch and Learn – Successful Software Implementations and Upgrades

Event Start From January 31st,2017

This Lunch and Learn took place at the DeVry campus in Downers Grove Illinois on the morning of Tuesday January 31st, 2017.

The focus of this particular event in our popular Lunch and Learn series centered on how to prepare for successful ERP software implementations and upgrades. By exploring real life examples, sharing lessons learnt and leveraging tools, this Lunch and Learn provided tangible steps to help ensure you are ready for your next ERP project.

We discussed an ERP case study that exemplifies common planning oversights and the resulting implications, including:
• Unexpected materials and inventory carrying costs that significantly impact business
• Missing use cases prior to implementation

In addition we reviewed a real-life business scenario showing the consequential financial loss. We then looked at testing best-practices process improvements to prevent these oversights from occurring. Finally we showed how you can implement these best-practices using test automation and a quality management solution.

Click here to access John’s presentation slides.
Successful Software Implementations-


John Miner is Operations Director Americas at Original Software. With a career spanning more than 30 years in the computing industry Mr Miner is a well respected industry specialist having spoken at technical and business seminars and presented at industry events.Degreed in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University John began his career as a systems control engineer in the chemical industry. Following this, his career became immersed in the design, development and delivery of large mission critical applications for companies like DuPont and i2 Technologies.

More recently, John has been helping software application vendors like Compuware and Original Software bring their products to market with roles including Pre-sales Manager, Product-line Sales Director, Product Launch Director, and Partner Business Development Manager.

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