ASUG Chicago Chapter Meeting

Event Start From March 21st,2018 To March 21st,2018

We are proud to be gold sponsors at our local ASUG chapter meeting in Naperville.
Hope you are able to come and join in the educational sessions and network with fellow local ASUG members.

Jonathan Pearson will be leading a working session at 2pm “Testing SAP ERP systems” which aims to share how using new technology can minimize risk and speed up the SAP upgrade and release planning process including key customer case studies.

Testing SAP ERP Applications

Living happily with SAP means working at the relationship and, in particular, that means managing the inevitable and constant change, both driven by the business and SAP. SAP ERP upgrades and routine patches are stressful enough when your environment is stable; but SAP is encouraging everyone to move into the SAP HANA and/or SAP S/4HANA house, which is another scale of project altogether.
All such changes need to be tested and validated, a process typically involving a high number of key business users as well as SAP specialists in IT. Many man-months can be spent in System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) ensuring that new capabilities will not disrupt business operation and effectiveness. Planning the tasks plus managing these resources and the test executions while simultaneously triaging every issue discovered is tough.
This challenge only becomes tougher when the testers are business users temporarily divorced from their day jobs and the process must be repeated several times each year. In this session,Original Software will show how these processes can be streamlined and made more efficient as well as sharing real life examples from some of their SAP customers.

We will also be providing wall posters which map out the steps in this journey to smooth and successful change.

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