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Below is a list of the trade-shows, forums and events that Original Software will be attending throughout the year.

We’d be delighted to see you at any of these events to discuss your software quality requirements.
We also run webinars throughout the year on a variety of educational topics about software testing and software quality. Visit our webinars page here, if you would like to view our webinar schedule.

PSQT Conference, 14th-19th August 2016,San Diego


PSQT is the only conference that focuses only on practical best practices in every aspect of software quality assurance and testing. The ongoing theme of the conference, “Practical – Proven – Feasible” keeps our focus on what works. Whether it is a new technology, technique, method, or simply a practice, if it consistently produces good results, it is presented. The conference is dedicated to helping all levels of QA and test professionals to adopt methods, technologies, and practices that consistently increase productivity and produces higher quality systems. The conference relies on experts and practitioners such as our own industry speaker Jim Trentadue to bring to the conference success stories and case studies.
Jim is giving three presentations at this conference.

    “Making UAT more effective” Wednesday, August 17th
    Everyone knows that the events before, during and after User Acceptance Testing is a reflection of our overall success as a testing department and quality success within the IT project team. UAT needs to be armed with the appropriate information during the completion of system or integration testing. But as our business counterparts work production jobs most of the time, why can’t we provide them with the same technical enablement that we do for the SQA team? Why can’t we make this phase User Automation Testing?
    • Understand the challenge of obtaining quality artifacts from UAT while they are having their production job to do
    • Create a process structure for UAT that allows for rapid feedback on their results
    • Learn how to apply these results within various phases for an Agile or Waterfall SDLC
    “How to make your Test Automation SMARTER “Thursday, August 18th.
    Test automation is not an exact science. As we drive toward an automation solution that validates accurately, the application or data undergoes changes, making it challenging to maintain the tests. The test automation professional must plan to make each test as predictive as possible. Jim Trentadue introduces a framework called S.M.A.R.T.E.R that can be used to accomplish this.
    • Understand the challenge of keeping automation intelligent enough to stay current
    • Create a structure with a SMARTER acronym to your automation initiative
    • Learn how to apply the SMARTER theme to achieving success in automation
    “Test Management by Entities” Thursday August 18th . Come see logical models for managing what your testers are doing and need to do to support your test initiative. The picture will be much clearer to stakeholders and upper management.
    • Understand how to support the Test Planning and Test Execution phases
    • Create common entity relationships against common testing deliverables
    • Learn how to apply these to various testing phases

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