Manual testing, test evidence and animated documentation tool – free for 2020

To support you during the COVID-19 crisis.

Use our unique manual testing and animated documentation software for free. No strings.

We want to help you keep your dispersed testing teams up and running.

We know that effective testing & UAT is difficult at the best of times, and as companies attempt to react to the current challenges, the need for efficient testing may increase. Change may be needed even more rapidly and documentation to share with users about how the changes work will be key for a successful deployment.

We can support you!

We also know it can be difficult to keep track of and replicate any bugs found in testing. Having an easily deployed and adopted tool that fully documents tests and processes in various formats including an animated video, will eliminate lengthy conversations between remote testers and developers, caused by ambiguous write-ups. It is free and you can be up and running in 10 minutes.

Streamline User Acceptance Testing and Documentation today, for free.

TestDrive-UAT quietly keeps up with the user, watching and recording their every action, including screen shots, on the designated applications (not everything on your desktop). Its intuitive UI takes only a few minutes to learn. Capture all businesses processes effortlessly and output in Word, Pdf or animation (with speech option).

TestDrive-UAT will be free of charge for 2020 or the duration of the Coronavirus crisis if longer, to support your testing teams during this difficult time where we all need to help each other.

It is important that the global community acts firmly and collectively to minimise damage. We hope this helps us all to continue to work as if we were closer together than the current circumstances permit.

Colin Armitage  is the CEO at Original Software.

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