Another day, another election, another test cycle!

When selecting your regression testing and project management solution make sure you have a vote winner

Elections are somewhat like Test Regression cycles, they can be a good thing because they make you think, or one would hope they do!  However, when you have been through a few the risk is your target audience becomes inured to the whole process instead of trying to get the best possible outcome. Which in the former could be to listen, debate and help people make an informed choice.  In the latter one is looking to fulfil the tests which you need performed in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

In both circumstances careful thought is needed as how to best achieve this.

Both require several key elements to optimize the outputs.   First good individuals who can work both on their own initiative and collaboratively as part of a team. Secondly a good tool set.  In  the case of political parties, the traditional way of communicating is gone, modernity in the form of You Tube and social media needs to be embraced. The same can be said for testing teams too. If you hang on to historical methods of testing – or at least do not re-evaluate whether they are still suitable and deliver the required outcome, then you will be at a distinct disadvantage to your competitors who most surely will have done.

In the terms of regression testing it naturally follows that you wish to confirm stability of the code and that things have not become worse than before. Choosing the right tool is essential. Tools need to be flexible and allow real-time access by all involved.  Selecting a product which can easily adapt to your needs is also critical. Regression test cycles can be like electoral campaigns too in that they are time sensitive, therefore the need to be able to continually measure progress and evaluate results quickly is paramount.

After all, just like a political campaign no-one wants to be caught with their pants down literally or figuratively!

That is what is so good about Original Software’s pre-eminent project management tool Qualify. It encapsulates all of these elements. Its function rich capabilities allow complete project track control from inception to deployment in a fully customizable way.  Couple that with the full true regression testing capabilities of TestDrive and you have a vote winning combination.

Like to know more?  Get in touch and find out  how it could benefit your business.

Adrian Rogers is a  QA specialist at Original Software.

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