what are you missing out

Regression Testing – are you missing out? More importantly, what are you missing out?

“It’s not what you are checking that’s an issue. It’s the bits you are not checking that causes the problem. “

We all know that traditional testing is flawed. By nature we focus on the areas we have changed. Why on earth would we look elsewhere?

But it is the failure to look behind you, in areas that shouldn’t have been impacted that leads to the uncountable IT disasters. So why don’t we do it?

The answer is understandable but still dangerous. Checking every aspect of every business transaction is a huge task, nigh on impossible if approached manually and sadly coded automation merely encourages a focus on specific items rather than testing everything. 

The thought of checking every item on every screen in every business transaction is enough to make grown-ups cry but it can be done – you just need the right product

Find out more about this revolutionary approach to test automation or check out other users’ real world experiences

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