skull suggesting ghost of Jacob Marley

“Captive, bound and double-ironed”- Jacob Marley’s ghost, or UAT with an SME?

Are your Business Users doomed to the same fate as Jacob Marley, the chained and tormented ghost in Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol”?

“Captive, bound and double-ironed “ and dragged away from their day jobs to go through tortuous repetitious rounds of user acceptance testing.

Like Scrooge, they too should get the chance to change their future for the better.

Give them a stocking filler that can be up and running before the lights blow on the Christmas tree and will save users many hours a day as well as providing full diagnostics for the IT team.

This 2-minute video shows how.

Fancy something a little more in-depth? Watch this on-demand webinar and get a full overview of TestDrive-UAT’s capabilities.

We will show you how the critical last phase of testing before go-live, could be made so much easier.


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