Cowboy Boots, Hats and Baggage Claiming at ASUG DFW

My expectations for the local chapter meeting in Dallas were set when I suddenly realized that the venue was the largest I had ever seen for a SAP User group, yes its true everything is bigger in Texas. After arriving past midnight, the previous evening due to severe weather disruptions, I was hopeful that other delegates had not been waylaid and turned up. I was not disappointed, and the exhibition center was packed by 8:30 am.

There were companies  from a variety of industries and verticals, users of SAP and its software affiliates. After initial discussions with people we either  crossed paths with or  who visited our booth it became apparent just how many versions of SAP are currently in use and just understanding the difference between SAP GUI 6 ECC and Fiori HANA was becoming a task in itself. The amount of other software packages that integrate with the main SAP offerings was also evident, extensibility is definitely the way forward here with a good example being Success Factors for HR which we are hearing more and more of recently.

The presentation I gave related the story that one of our SAP customers undertook to help them solve a common business validation problem. The situation that they found themselves in was one of a complex, fast changing and multi-team environment that lead to frequent changes to their SAP system. Further compounding the problem was the different locations, and sometimes time zones, of various team members required to perform testing. To ensure that all was well manually was taking increasing amounts of time and effort to the point where it was becoming quite impractical. After being bitten by some bad ‘live’ issues they decided to search for a better way to ensure software quality and therefore business continuity.

This was where ‘Baggage Claiming’ was born, using Original Software’s innovative software products the customer managed to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of their quality assurance program. Within the first few cycles of using this technique (full details are available on our website two issues were found that would have seriously impacted the live system. To date over 80 complex business flows have been automated for business testing and countless hours of manual effort have been saved.

The presentation was well received by the audience and it was clear that others would be interested in using this idea to help with their own quality validation efforts. So, with a good conference behind us, my colleague and I headed off to the airport. This was when I was again reminded of the location I was in as I have never before seen so many cowboy boots and hats going through the security x-ray machine!



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