Day: November 27, 2018

Getting the best out of your ERP system – M3 UA Eindhoven

You’ve bought an ERP system to ensure that your company runs more efficiently. It probably cost you (your company) an arm and a leg to get it installed and up and running. Now you need to realise some of that

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Cowboy Boots, Hats and Baggage Claiming at ASUG DFW

My expectations for the local chapter meeting in Dallas were set when I suddenly realized that the venue was the largest I had ever seen for a SAP User group, yes its true everything is bigger in Texas. After arriving

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A trip to Eindhoven – tunnels and potholes.

The annual Infor M3 User Association meeting in The Netherlands is always interesting.  A chance to catch up with M3 friends, to learn about what they are doing and where Infor are taking their ever increasingly impressive technology.  And it

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