Taking the pain out of User Acceptance Testing – the easy way

Getting your business users involved in that final stage of testing before go-live can be a pain. You’re dragging them away from their day jobs and they are not usually professional testers which can make the process harder.

Here’s a solution that can take the pain away.

TestDrive-UAT is designed for business users, can be set up literally in minutes, and works across any application or browser.

“Our end-users found the tools user-friendly, easy to pick up and intuitive to use.” 

Thomas Bjerregaard, Test Manager

It will save users many hours a day when testing while providing full diagnostics for the IT team.

Join our upcoming webinar and get a full overview of TestDrive-UAT’s capabilities and its latest enhancements.

Let us show you how the critical last phase of testing before go-live, could be made so much easier.

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