10 Black Holes to avoid for successful application delivery. No.9

 Black Hole No. 9: Lack of cross-project visibility

Gold Leader: It’s no good, I can’t manoeuvre!

Gold Five: Stay on target.

Gold Leader: We’re too close!

Gold Five: Stay on target!

Staying on target is the ultimate goal, but don’t be too focused on the task at hand and forget the wider picture. You need complete visibility into every aspect of the project at any given time but don’t just look at this one project, managers should be able to look at staff resources across multiple projects. If team members are swamped, tasks can be re-assigned elsewhere.

A single point of reference is needed for informed decision making when sending your troops in to battle. You need complete visibility of the individual skirmishes that are going on, so that you can re-assign your forces where they are needed most. Milestones should be created to mark checkpoints and ensure that projects are running to schedule.

This is the ninth in a series of ten lessons from Yoda, on the topic of Application Quality Management.  10 Black Holes to avoid for successful Application Delivery.

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