not supporting their working practices

10 Black Holes to avoid for successful application delivery. No.8

 Black Hole No. 8: Not supporting all types of working practice

Yoda: Decide you must, how to serve them best.

Enterprise Agile versus waterfall and the challenges of heterogeneous environments are increasingly becoming hot talking points and many organizations are working with a variety of platforms and methodologies. So how do you successfully bring together teams that work in different ways and on multiple projects?

With more complexity in IT projects and a need to respond faster to changing markets, development teams have had to adapt the way they work, often utilizing different methodologies on different projects in order to support the dynamic nature of their businesses. If the quality management solution does not support the way that they work, you will encourage maverick teams working outside of the ‘Alliance’.

Make sure that your AQM solution empowers your teams and allows the flexibility to aid and not impede them.

This is the eighth in a series of ten lessons from Yoda, on the topic of Application Quality Management.  10 Black Holes to avoid for successful Application Delivery.

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