Month: September 2018

Regression testing in weeks, not years?

  I was talking to a testing manager yesterday about their mix of manual and automated testing.  They have managed to achieve 60-70% automation of the areas they targeted.  A fact we all agree is pretty good. This of course

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“Can I create a regression test suite using Selenium or UFT?”

laptop showing failed application message illustrating importance of testing

Of course you can, can’t you? Well it all depends what you mean by a regression test suite. With a moment’s reflection you will find there is a significant gap between what the business wants from such a test and

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Test Automation- the need for speed

Now Gears

By freeing automation from the burden of a script based on code, we can begin to imagine a solution that could be used by subject matter experts and not limited to frustrated developers, a solution that could adapt to changes in the application under test. The way we

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Why is test automation so cumbersome?

“The biggest barrier to test automation remains the level of maintenance required to sustain it.” Software test automation has been available for over a quarter of a century but the practice has a mixed track record and often falls into disuse due to

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Regression Testing. Love it? Loathe it? Need it?

Tree before and after change

Your business lives in a risky, complex world and you know you’ve got to regression test…………..but it’s a pain! So, what are your options? Test manually: It’s not easy and is time consuming, tedious, doesn’t scale, is not repeatable and

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Test automation success at Edrington

Edrington bottling for Test Automation

Hear Alistair Norrie, Business Technology Programme Manager share in three minutes how Edrington successfully automated their testing processes, enabling a modernisation that effected more change in twelve months than had taken place in the previous ten to twenty years. You

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Test automation. Having trouble keeping up?

Tortoise indicating lack of speed

The pace of innovation and disruption is accelerating. So says Barry Ritholtz in an article entitled “The world is about to change even faster”  He’s right. Technology changes too quickly for any one company to stay on top of it.

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Great day attending ASUG Philadelphia

Regression Testing Automation Presentation

Great day attending an ASUG event at SAP headquarters. Great presentation by Marc Croquette from CertainTeed Corporation. Marc’s expertise spans 6 SAP implementations in 5 countries.  In this presentation he highlighted his team’s usage of Original Software for SAP Application

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Merit standardise on Original Software quality management and testing solutions

Infor’s own consultancy arm, Merit have standardized on Original Software’s quality management and testing solutions to deliver an enhanced and differentiated service to their customers. It has also become the solutions of choice among M3 users carrying out their own

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10 Black Holes to avoid for successful application delivery. No.9

 Black Hole No. 9: Lack of cross-project visibility Gold Leader: It’s no good, I can’t manoeuvre! Gold Five: Stay on target. Gold Leader: We’re too close! Gold Five: Stay on target! Staying on target is the ultimate goal, but don’t

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