If QTP were a car, there should have been a product recall by now.

A car should take you somewhere faster and more comfortably than if you were just on two legs, offer a comfortable ride, be able to accelerate up hills, and brake when you see a hazard approaching.

If it couldn’t do those things, would you be happy? Would you be content to just leave it sitting on the driveway and get your bike out, or walk to the bus stop? If it had to go back to the garage at the end of each journey, would it be fit for purpose?

What if it didn’t even start?

We’d be beating a path to the unfortunate car salesman’s door, wouldn’t we? And if more than a few owners were having the same problems, any self-respecting manufacturer would issue a product recall and fix the issues.

So why doesn’t that happen with test automation tools?

How many are paying for software that sits on a shelf gathering dust because it never delivered what it promised to do?

A good test automation tool (like a good car)  should be easy to use and speed up the process of software testing.

Does yours do that?  If not, it sounds like it’s time to get yourself a new model. One that is reliable, with a full-service guarantee and enough revs to spark up your test automation process.

Why not visit our showroom and maybe even book a test drive?

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