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Why is Manual Testing so manual? It doesn’t matter who does it, manual testing is amazingly inefficient

When a developer is assigned to rectify the bug, they cannot reproduce it. Is the reason environmental?

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Why is Manual testing so manual- Manual testing is intrinsically flawed

Manual testing is intrinsically flawed, primarily because one test cycle is almost never enough. Manual testing is performed by humans and humans have a finite capacity for repetition. When an application is first delivered, the test team will commence their efforts, but after a while will reach a point in their use cases where they can go no further until the bugs discovered to date have been rectified.

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Why is Manual Testing so manual?

Application software has always contained bugs and will continue to contain bugs for as long as developers exist. So, from the moment that the first application program was run by Tom Kilburn on 21st June 1948 (to calculate the highest factor of a large binary number) the necessity to test developed programs to ensure they work as required has been accepted.
So, for almost 70 years a significant piece of human endeavor has been testing and some of it has been fundamental to some of humanity’s greatest achievements.

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