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Is software testing a “real career”?

I absolutely love reading testing blogs… they tend to focus on the future of testing and the advances we can make to get to market quicker. But, is this just a dream? The reason I ask is that I feel the frustration coming from software testers and their leaders that they are not valued when I meet with them.

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Seven hot IT outsourcing trends — and seven going cold!

Part 1

I read an interesting article this week on outsourcing trends that I want to share 7 hot IT outsourcing trends and 7 going cold. I must say I feel like the industry analysts are finally getting it! Outsourcing is not a bad thing; let’s face it, we can’t be experts at everything right?

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GDPR and Test Data – Nah!

Looking down the barrel of the GDPR canon which is pointed at all of us, there are many things to worry about. And as I review these concerns my feeling swerve from concern, to panic, to optimism, through realism, doom and back to panic.

You do wonder if anyone with a commercial background was involved in thinking through the commercial consequences…

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