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Evaluating Software Quality Tool Vendors

I have been involved in presenting and positioning and proving our software test automation solutions for some time now.
Oftentimes, the sequence of events is:
• Much effort is applied by the customer to produce an RFI or RFP which is issued to a list of test automation tool vendors
• Significant effort is applied by each vendor to respond with hopes of making the cut
• A selection is made by the customer based on some scoring about the suitability related to the responses
• The chosen vendor arrives on-site to do some sort of Proof of Concept
• If the chosen vendor works well enough, a decision is made to proceed

There are problems with this approach. The RFP or RFI that is issued is a hodge-podge of sundry, sometimes nebulous requirements that have little to do with real needs from a business perspective.

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Top software testing trends for 2017

When it comes to software testing, there’s plenty to think about for IT and QA management.

Choosing the best method of software testing depends on a number of factors – for example, what are the objectives? Who is conducting the testing, and how much experience do they h

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German Retailer Solves Data Testing Challenges with TestBench

I recently spent 4 days at a customer, a large retailer based in Germany, who is embarking on a massive undertaking to modernize their IBM i based system.
This effort involves database normalization, conversion of the database from DDS-defined files to DDL-defined SQL tables and re-writing significant portions of their RPG code in Java.
The Challenge
The initial focus for the modernisation is on the data; how to validate that the new SQL tables have the correct structure and that the data has been migrated correctly.

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