Test Automation Day

On June 21st, CKC Seminars organised the second edition of Test Automation Day.

A very successful conference day with more than 180 enthusiastic Test Automation professionals!

The keynote presentation by Scott Barber answered the question “The Future is Cool, but Does it Add Value?”, whilst Walter Belger presented the ins and out of Security Testing. After lunch, expert Elfriede Dustin shared her vision regarding the Near Future of Automated Testing.

Channel Partners, Remain, represented Original Software at the event, and during their presentation they asked the attendees to raise their hand if they had a Test Automation tool. Less than 50% raised their hands. Most of the attendees were manually testing, but at the same time, those that had a test automation tool, were only automating around 5% of the total project. Only automating in the low risk, low change areas.

Agile testing was a subject that saw great interest. With many organisations moving to or experimenting with Agile.

Original Software has been acclaimed by the analyst community as the best solution for supporting Agile.

“One area where Original Software can be appropriate is in unstable, changing circumstances. The two most notable situations are the first release of an application and in agile processes.” Paul Herzlich, Software Testing Tools Analyst, Ovum

Just as improvements in developer’s software tools and methods have enabled a shift in development approaches, next generation technology for test automation is similarly re-framing the opportunities for testers to automate earlier in the delivery cycle without incurring the heavy burden of script maintenance so often associated with traditional automation tools. This means that not only can an agile environment be adopted, application quality is maintained and the total testing time reduced.

If you would like to learn more about manual or agile testing you can learn more here: http://www.origsoft.com/solutions/

Test Automation Day Channel Partners, Remain

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