SAP Software Testing with Original Software

Ensuring Risk-Free Quality for Your SAP Testing Landscape

"Our prime objective was not to employ a huge test department. Our end users are the business users - we’ve always used them as testers and it works well for us - it saves on re-work. A system that requires IT specialism would force us to employ a team of specialist testers. We’d still need to utilise the users for the business process knowledge and there would be crossover and duplicated effort. Why perform all that work if there was another option out there?"

Judy Doust, Test Manager,

The word "upgrade" has been known to send shivers down the spines of many SAP testers, especially given the historical pain, time and cost of moving to a new version of the ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. Upgrades, especially functional upgrades, are resource hungry, take months of planning and require business users to take time out of their daily workloads to check the new system.

What is required is a robust process for assuring SAP testing application quality and stability. Organisations must plan on efficient SAP testing activities that start from the project kick-off right the way through to the last few weeks before the project go-live. If application quality and SAP testing are not managed well, it can result in serious doubts by business users over the acceptability of the upgraded SAP system and potentially fail to deliver the promised business value.

The Original Choice for SAP Testing Quality

Original Software’s intuitive solution suite directly tackles your SAP testing application quality issues by ensuring that your SAP testing implementation or upgrade delivers the business results your company expects.

We deliver comprehensive planning, execution and management of all quality assurance activities by helping you build an effective ‘SAP testing application quality eco-system’. Our solution enables communication and collaboration between all stakeholders in the process - both IT and lines of business, delivering greater business agility, faster time to market, reduced risk, improved competitive advantage and decreased costs. The end result is an earlier return on investment for your SAP system that would not be possible without a vigorous application quality process.

A Holistic Approach to SAP Testing Quality Management

Original Software helps you manage the entire quality process and SAP test environment of your SAP implementation or upgrade. Our integrated solution suite is uniquely positioned to address all of your SAP testing landscape’s quality needs. We provide the ability to unite all aspects of your SAP quality lifecycle, across all stakeholders, from one central point.

A Fast Start to SAP Test Automation

Original Software enables the transition from manual testing into automation quickly and easily. Our powerful solution accelerates your SAP testing quality processes and increases SAP test coverage.

Intelligent SAP Test Data Management and Verification

Original Software is able to uniquely address the validation of SAP database effects. The confidentiality of SAP data is addressed and the unique user-managed data roll-back capability reduces environment downtime, improving testing productivity and accuracy.