Software Testing Products Overview

Delivering Next Generation, Application Quality Solutions

Since 1997, Original Software has dedicated itself to designing and providing world-class application quality solutions. Unlike some of our more famous competitors, we’re only interested in software quality.

In particular, we understand the software testing industry inside and out, we know what IT departments and business professionals demand when delivering total quality applications and we recognise what implications may lie behind cost versus investment decision-making.

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Read about our application quality management platform, Qualify, our approach to user acceptance testingmanual testing solution, TestDrive-Assist, or full test automation with TestDrive.

They have some key capabilities in the areas of manual testing, database verification and preparation that sets them apart.

Paul Herzlich, Software Testing Tools Analyst, Ovum.

Our product range

Qualify unites all aspects of the software quality lifecycle from requirements through to deployment, providing an integrated approach to solving your quality process and management challenges.
Multiple methodologies
Qualify is shipped with several of pre-defined applications models which can be used immediately or tuned to your needs. In addition, you can create your own applications that exactly reflect your processes and storage requirements. You can map agile, waterfall or hybrid methodologies which can be used concurrently to reflect the needs of legacy and new developments.
Information portal
In addition to the data stored within Qualify it can also display and link to data held within point solutions such as Microsoft TFS and JIRA to give a single integrated view of corporate data. That consolidated information can then be analysed, graphed and reported.
Communication backbone
Qualify allows you to create and manage your quality plans and as importantly acts as the communication backbone letting every team member share in the progress and status. In addition to the on-line access, automatic and manual alerts can be generated which are distributed via email.
Resource management
Planning your medium and short-term resourcing needs can be complex but Qualify provides a powerful view of your work in progress, (optionally including time-sheet data), allocated tasks and forward projects – highlighting areas of potential contention and endangered dead-lines so that you can balance and re-assign your resources as needed.
Work flows
It is essential that key steps in your quality processes are controlled and can only be passed by the appropriate users. Qualify provides all this and more, enabling rules to be set as to the critical data that must be stored at each step in the process combined with a complete audit trail.