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The Original Partner Eco-System

At Original Software, our global network of Original Thinkers come together to form a partner eco-system, enabling the delivery of end-to-end solutions for application excellence.

The sentiment of this famous quote by John Donne is never truer than in the world of IT.

No man is an island

For Whom the Bell Tolls, by John Donne

No one vendor, no matter how large, can have all the software, hardware, skills and experience necessary to offer an end-to-end solution to a client.

The Original Partner Eco-System

Original Software is proud to partner with organisations that both complement our capabilities and add value to the customer experience. Our Original Partner Eco-System enables alliances to be forged with various companies and for a variety of reasons.

Some partners are focused around providing Original Software with technology building blocks which we use to enrich our solutions. Some are focused on providing services that deliver our solutions with more effectiveness and success. While others offer a geographical presence that enhances our reach to other parts of the globe.

Our partner eco-system consists of three categories which are outlined below.

Join Our Partner Eco-System

We are always looking to augment our partner eco-system and welcome hearing from any organisation that believes that it can help us add value to our customers. If you would like to join the Original Partner Eco-System, please complete our Partner Application Form.

Services & Implementation Partners

Our services and implementation partners are experts in consulting, scoping and implementing our technology and in providing outsourced testing services that focus on industry verticals and key technology areas.

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Technology Partners

Our technology partners include other software and technology vendors that complement the Original Software solution suite in areas such as Application Lifecycle Management, SOA testing, software performance testing, load testing and others. With some, we also integrate with and extend our Application Quality Management platform.

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Channel Partners

Our channel partners are trusted advisors to customers in their region or business vertical. These partners are trained and authorised to resell and deliver our solution suite.

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