The Pit-Stop Challenge


Congratulations to our winner with the fastest time, an iPad is on it's way to you! Thank you to all those who have played the game and we welcome your feedback! Feel free to get in touch by visiting our contact us page here!


Guide your crewmen to complete our pit-stop game in the fastest time and


Click on each crewman's helmet when it flashes green. If you are not accurate the helmet will flash yellow or red and you will lose time. The faster you click on each crewman, the faster you will complete the sequence and the game.

Make sure you register your details once you've completed the game for your chance to win an iPad2 and to find out your position on the leaderboard. The player with the fastest time wins!

Best of luck!

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The winner will be notified by 9th December, 2011 - just in time for the holiday season!

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