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Vermont Information Processing


Case Study

VIP has completely turned around its QA process and overcome its customer’s cautious attitudes. The company has now transformed into a software testing centre of excellence with happy customers who are keen to upgrade to new releases.

Our client

Vermont Information Processing (VIP) has been providing business solutions to Beverage Wholesalers since 1972. The company develops software solutions that handle every aspect of the beverage distributorship, streamlining warehouse efficiency, cutting costs, managing inventories and forecasting sales.

Why they came to us

The company is based in Colchester, Vermont and employs over 100 people. It has a proven track record in helping its customers to become efficient, proactive, and in turn, more profitable. These customers rely on their systems for efficiency and VIP is well aware that any bugs or errors in the system can be a major inconvenience to the tightly run schedules its customers have perfected.

“We went through a spell when our releases were really painful to the customers and they just didn’t want to update,” explained Bobby Erwin, Quality Control Analyst at VIP.

We are providing a much more robust and better product to the end users. Our support and customer service teams are delighted. Our builds are just so much better now, and we can also tell them exactly how risky a release is, and predict the levels of support that might be needed.

Bobby Erwin, Quality Control Analyst at VIP

What we did

“Test environments were very hotchpotch before we had TestBench. Developers had their own data squirreled away, which inevitably became corrupted by tests and would get worse and worse until they were unusable. The developers would eventually have to go and get new databases which could be a week-long process at least. With TestBench’s environment protection functionality, we can just rollback and reset the data instantly. Before TestBench, if you wanted to do the same test twice it was manual and meant re-copying the libraries and took at least a day. It just wasn’t feasible, we wouldn’t do it. Nobody was going to run a set of invoices, reset the data and run it again. It just wasn’t cost effective before, but now we can do it in five minutes. That’s huge. It’s so important to us.” Quality Control Analyst, Cheryl Arpey said.

TestBench allows repeatability and also comparability of tests. With database effects, VIP could see exactly what happened and at what time in the course of the test. Results could be compared to previous results, which had enabled VIP’s programmers to benefit from an invaluable level of detail creating a faster resolution of issues

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