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Royal Bank of Scotland Commercial Services (RBSCS)


Case Study

The net result of this for the business is a reduced risk of software failure and increased confidence in the systems upon which RBSCS is reliant. Benefits that can be transferred directly to RBSCS’s diverse client base.

Screen checking has been the biggest time-saver. We used to be able to process one or two days worth of information per day—now we can process six per day.

Lyn Vickery, Business Services Manager for RBSCS

Our client

Founded in 1986, Royal Bank of Scotland Commercial Services (RBSCS) has 2000 plus clients worldwide and a multi billion pound turnover. It is the fastest growing company in its sector with 30% growth per annum.

Why they came to us

Software reliability is essential to the company’s drive to be number one in its sector and to provide its clients with the highest quality of service. This means full availability of critical business systems, and it creates an exceptional IT challenge.

HPD Software’s IFACTOR package is at the core of RBSCS’s business systems. Major releases appear twice a year; fixes and small enhancements are far more common. For the sake of the business, all of these require testing, and manual testing of new HPD releases was taking six weeks.

What we did

To improve the reliability of their core systems in such a complex and fluid environment RBSCS turned to Original Software’s TestBench solution. The job of testing new releases, previously regarding as a daunting prospect can now be carried out more thoroughly, scientifically and efficiently. RBSCS have a carefully organized test pack which involves reprocessing one months business for a representative spread of clients. To do this manually was highly labour intensive and formidable task. Because TestBench can re-use test data and calculate expected results this process is now much quicker and easier.

How it worked out

Since installing the TestBench solution the six weeks of manual testing needed for new software releases now takes one week.

In one instance, a new function required for end-of-month reporting was tested. A bug was detected, fixed and the fix itself tested within a few days, before production systems could be affected.

Using TestBench’s date-warping and screen compare facilities, the timescale of the testing process has been reduced by up to 83%. The knowledge of how to test is now captured within TestBench and is re-usable, so that the process is not dependant on an in-house testing specialist. In turn freeing up internal manpower resources.

As the testing cycle progresses, RBSCS is realizing even greater benefits.

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