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Case Study

Psion has enjoyed huge success with a test planning solution, from Original Software, over the last few years. When the company was introduced to a new AQM (Application Quality Management) solution called Qualify, they could immediately see the potential to realise benefits on a much larger scale.

When I was first introduced to Qualify, my initial reaction was ‘Do I really need this right now?’, but I was soon won over, as we began seeing efficiencies by linking test requirements to product requirements and being able to customise the user interface to fit our individual needs. Qualify allows really simple efficiencies, such as being able to assign tasks en-mass, as well as ease of test asset re-use from project to project.

Shahe Altounian, Manager for Product Support and Services, Psion

Our client

Psion Teklogix, a public company on the London Stock Exchange is the pioneer in quality mobile handheld computers and their application in industrial B2B markets around the world. It is headquartered in London with corporate offices located in Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Why they came to us

Shahe Altounian, Manager for Product Support and Services at Psion, leads a team of Test and Business Analysts, in charge of validating Psion’s products before they are released to production. From testing for compliance to certain industry standards, through to validating that the beepers and software work as designed, he and his team were managing and planning the quality of their rugged handheld devices, using TestPlan, Original Software’s solution for test planning, which has now been superseded by Qualify.

Shahe’s team were already happy customers and had enjoyed huge success in ensuring that their solutions were fit for purpose. But when he was approached by Original Software to try its new AQM solution, Qualify, they could immediately see the potential for benefits on a much larger scale.

How it worked out

Psion’s development process works like a classic ‘V Model’ and Qualify allows the integration of development with the testing team; visibly linking together both sides of the ‘V’ and allowing both teams full transparency of the project status.

Another feature that impressed Psion is the level of customisation that is possible. Each member of the team is able to have their own personalised view of the project and the elements and detail that they want to see, whatever is most important to them and their role.

“What’s really great is how easy it is to achieve this. Qualify is totally customisable without IT support. All the other tools I have looked at require IT development and DBA support to achieve the same results. With Qualify, Original Software has handed power to their users, putting the customisation ability into the hands of the people actually using the solution!”

“The biggest challenge for us has been about changing how people work. We’ve made a monumental leap in the way that people collaborate and work together on projects. We’ve gone from doing everything manually, with work spread out across documents, print-outs and spreadsheets, to having a centralised, business-aligned quality management solution that truly empowers team members. I’ve really enjoyed working with Qualify and it has been an enormous benefit to the business.”

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