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The net benefits to Macmillan include a 6-day test cycle reduced to 2 days, vastly reduced script maintenance due to application changes, fewer errors and better control and planning of the entire testing process.

Higher departmental productivity. Nowadays we are testing with confidence and accuracy and achieving things we could never have done a year ago.

Roger Matthews, Head of Data Administration, Macmillan

Our client

Macmillan Cancer Support is a leading UK charity that works to improve the quality of life for people living with cancer.

Why they came to us

At the heart of Macmillans data process operation lies the IBM iSeries, which underpins key systems including a services and finance system, and a fundraising CRM system.

Testing had become a real bottleneck in the process of system and application updates. Quite simply, thorough testing placed a massive workload upon the available resource: as a result their testing was manual, reactive, pressured and non-formalised, with errors being allowed to slip into the live environment.

What we did

By implementing TestBench from Original Software, Macmillan are able to pinpoint where in the process costly software errors are occurring. This has helped to speed up testing by focusing only on testing the part where there is a known problem.

TestBench also enabled Macmillan to build a set of reusable test packs designed to test their core processes. This repository of test scripts has massively accelerated the entire testing process.

Macmillan also purchased Originals TestDrive product for their fundraising system. With its self healing script technology and full interaction with TestBench Macmillan were able to update and edit their existing GUI scripts automatically whenever the underlying application has changed.

How it worked out

The net benefits to Macmillan can be summarised as follows:

  • A 6-day test cycle was reduced to 2 days
  • 60% increase in overall test coverage and number of scenarios tested
  • Script maintenance due to application changes is vastly reduced thanks to self healing script tech
  • Better quality codes, put into production faster
  • Fewer errors, with less rework needed
  • Better control and planning of the entire testing process.
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