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Case Study

Less time spent analysing data integrity meant that emphasis can be shifted to focus on areas that would not otherwise be tested due to lack of time.

Without TestBench we would not have installed the software in time. TestBench enabled a business critical system to be live, on time, with full quality assurance.

My QA Department is responsible for all system testing and also does some development and 2nd level support. TestBench has given us better overall testing with all the elements that can be covered.

Darren Houghton, QA Manager, HMV (UK)

Our client

HMV is the UK and Ireland’s leading specialist retailer of music DVD/video, computer games and related products. The company operates around 200 stores in key shopping locations nationwide, equating to over 1 million sq. ft. of trading space, as well as a successful online store at

Why they came to us

HMV’s Quality Assurance team needed help meeting a critical business challenges – testing a new system for the Euro in their Irish stores, where all databases had to be converted.

HMV had used Original Software in the past for testing their iSeries applications, and they had no hesitation in turning to us again for this important project.

What we did

After lengthy consultation, we implemented our TestBench solution on a multi-site license agreement so that the development team could apply TestBench to their task and improve software quality.

This enabled much tighter co-operation between departments, QA wrote the scripts, developers ran the tests; Involving development in this way ensured more efficient testing.

TestBench was selected following an evaluation that ensured the solution’s compatability with HMV’s data and programmes. Prior to the arrival of TestBench four or five people were involved in testing each new module full time plus user departments affected when required -sometimes as many as ten.

How it worked out

Darren Houghton, QA Manager at HMV (UK) is now able to deliver thoroughly tested urgent new developments far more efficiently.

TestBench is designed to cover the visible and invisible aspects of testing which HMV have been able to put to good use. Darren continues, “Another excellent feature is file effects – we are able to see what is going on in the background and view problems and issues straightaway. We also found situations where some programmes were running inefficiently. No other solution could offer this. We are more assured that objects are working correctly.”

TestBench essentially gives us a greater level of data integrity.

Finally, Darren comments on service. “Original Software also has very good support – their analysts always come up with a solution. They take responsibility and seem to care about the problem. Original Software enables me to provide quality software to my users, who, in turn, can give continued good service to HMV customers.”

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