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In less than a year, Euronet has improved its quality processes, transforming QA from a function that was very time consuming for staff resources to a highly efficient and streamlined operation.

The solution from Original Software has helped us to significantly reduce any business risks resulting from less than superior quality in our software. We’ve been really impressed with the level of customer service provided by the company; they’ve been responsive to our needs and dedicated to help us succeed.

Doug Goodwin, Vice President of Global Development at Euronet

Our client

Euronet Worldwide, Inc. was founded in 1994 to bring ATM transaction convenience to the cash-based Central European community. Today, Euronet is an industry leader in processing secure electronic financial transactions and serves clients in approximately 145 countries.

Why they came to us

Ensuring superior software quality was becoming more of a challenge for a number of reasons; test environments had to conform to payment card industry standards and on top of this, the company had been conducting all testing manually, requiring resources of up to 15 employees who were taken off other projects for the 4-6 week duration. As a result, system tests could only take place once annually.

The solution

The database extraction functionality within Original Software’s TestBench allows test teams to quickly and easily extract data from live systems, creating a subset for use in a realistic testing environment. Data scrambling allows for the sanitisation of customer records and high risk items, safeguarding the records, as well as the company itself, from legal ramifications and compliance laws. The data protection module allows users to create checkpoints, rolling back the changes and resetting the environment if it becomes corrupted by any testing activity, thus ensuring its ability to be re-used on further developments or regression tests.

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