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An Original Run for Diabetes

The sun was shining for the Bupa Great South Run last weekend, as runners battled the 10 mile road to success having each raised money for the Diabetes UK charity.

Jonathan Pearson, Solutions Consultant, Original Software, set his own original pace and ran a fantastic time of 1 hour 40 minutes and came 9335th, which just shows how many people ran to support the charity that day.

So far the Bupa Great South Run has raised nearly £300,000 and smaller events in support of the cause are still doing their stuff to help increase this amazing amount!

The World 10km and 15km record holder, Leonard Komon, won a time of 46:18 ahead of fellow Kenyan and World marathon record holder Abel Kirui by 22 seconds. Ireland’s Alistair Cragg came third with a time of 47:14.

Komon had planned to attack Haile Gebrselassie’s World 10 miles best performance at the Bupa Great South Run but saw his attempt fall well short of his target of 44 minutes 23 seconds after slowing rapidly in the second half of the race.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Bupa Great South Run and a special well done to our Jonathan Pearson, for completing the race and for his efforts to support Diabetes UK.

If you would like to show your support for Diabetes UK, you can still donate online on Jonathan Pearson’s Great Run page here:

If you would like to take on the challenge yourself, the Bupa Great South Run 2012 is now open for entry and will be taking place on Sunday 28 October 2012. For more information visit:

The Great South Run 2011

Jonathan Pearson at the end!

Faulty Software Caused Car Troubles

Poor Steve Wozniak, it wasn’t very nice for Steve to find that his accelerator pedal went crazy whilst he was driving his new 2010 Toyota Prius!

It seems this issue of software quality, or lack of quality, has finally made it to the vehicles we commute in. Reading stories about big companies being sued or fined over data breeches because of a software bug, does not top being almost killed in your car by a software bug!!

The message here is, get your software properly tested before it really does kill someone!

After reading this article you will probably be wondering about all the items you come into contact with everyday that uses software. Quite a lot!

Tell us what would be the worst software glitch that could happen to you? I’ll start with one…the worst software glitch in my everyday life would probably be if my Sky plus software did not record Star Trek Voyager! Okay, sounds tame, but I really don’t like missing episodes.

How about you??

Listen again on iPlayer to George being interviewed by Debbie McGee

George Wilson, our esteemed Operations Director and Nepalese orphanage fundraiser, spent his Sunday morning, huddled up to the Debbie McGee in the studio at BBC Radio Berkshire!

George, his daughter Laura Wilson, and her friend Claire Gomer, were interviewed on Debbie’s Sunday morning show about the Nepalese orphanage and their fundraising efforts. They talked about what an important cause it was, Laura and Claire’s experiences out in Nepal, George’s Charity Golf Marathon and even our efforts here, at Original Software and our ‘Corporate Cliché Swear Jar’.

You can listen again on the BBC iPlayer here:

You need to scroll forwards to 1 hour and 17 minutes in to catch the interview with George.

Thanks to everyone for their help in raising money for this cause. In total we have raised around £5000 already. If you haven’t already donated, here is the link to the Just Giving sponsorship page –

Original Software’s Directors attempt ‘Golf Marathon’ this Tuesday

George and Stuart in training

George and Stuart in training

An insane stunt to raise money for some needy orphans

George Wilson, one of our esteemed founders and Stuart Bishop, Head of Development, will be tackling a marathon combined with three full rounds of golf in one day (Tuesday the 2nd of June) in the hope of raising money to support a Nepalese children’s orphanage. Running between the three Hampshire-based golf courses and playing 18 holes at each course, they, along with others at the company will be aiming to raise £5000 sponsorship to help with some of the costs of securing a new home for the children.

Mr Wilson’s daughter who is doing voluntary work with the children out in Nepal, found out that the Orphanage was likely to have to close when their landlord decided to sell the premises. They are now desperately trying to raise money in order to fund a new home for their children…..

We’d love to open people’s eyes to the children’s plight and gain as much sponsorship and support for this cause as possible.

George and Stuart will be hoping to complete the rather insane ‘Golf Marathon’ during daylight hours this Tuesday, setting off at about 6am from Horton Heath and running (or rather limping in George’s case – he seems to have pulled a muscle!) to tee off from South Winchester Golf Course at around 7.30am. From there they will run to Royal Winchester Golf Course for another 18 holes to be followed by yet more running, finishing up at Hockley Golf Course 27 miles later, aiming to complete the marathon by about 6pm.

Supporters and spectators are more than welcome and I will be taking lots of photos throughout the day. If you are interested in finding out more or sponsoring the event, please visit:

Banned cliché’s and a worthy cause

These children could be made homeless

These children could be made homeless

This story was reported by the BBC yesterday – Councils get banned jargon list - a great step forward, as people working in the public sector are more guilty of this than anyone – EVEN MARKETING! – Ms Eaton said: “Why do we have to have ‘coterminous, stakeholder engagement’ when we could just ‘talk to people’ instead? I couldn’t agree more!

We’ve taken our dislike of these corporate clichés one stage further at Original Software, and, rather than a blanket ban enforcement, we’ve levied a corporate tax on the use of a whole list of words. Just 20p (or 50p for our most hated – ‘Leverage’ and ‘Paradigm Shift’) has, over the past month or so, tallied up to about £100. We’ve taken the decision to donate it to a really good cause that we have recently been alerted to – an orphanage in Nepal that is about to be made homeless!

George Wilson (our Operation Director)’s daughter is doing voluntary work with the children out in Nepal at the moment, and has found out the awful news that the orphanage is likely to have to close because the landlord is selling the premises. They are now desperately trying to raise £20,000 in order to secure a new home for their children. This is tragic news as the children have nowhere to go but back on the street. Good orphanages are rare and corruption is rife out there. They are great kids and deserve so much more from this world. We’d love to open people’s eyes to the children’s plight and gain as much sponsorship and support for this cause as possible.

Our list of ‘taxable words and phrases’ include: High altitude view, Holistic approach, Blue sky thinking, Think outside the box, On/off my radar, Brain dump, Good to go, Raise the flagpole, Heads-up, Touch Base, Grey area, Bandwidth, Let’s take that offline, Cascade information, 360 thinking, Triage, Drop the ball, Take a rain cheque, Going Forward, Sort the wheat from the chaff, singing from the same hymn sheet, My door is open on this issue, and the use of ‘did we…’ when someone blatantly means ‘did you’ (this was our highest earner)!

Anyway, more to come later on our efforts to raise cash for the orphanage and the progress we make, if you are interested in the cause or want to help out, please feel free to get in touch.


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