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Tesco Bank Should Have Tested on IE9

The news on CIO’s website of Tesco Bank having to issue emergency guidelines for Internet Explorer 9 users, made me chuckle.

Either testing on multiple browsers wasn’t carried out in full or the testing technology being used didn’t support IE9. Either way, Tesco Bank will be entering our ‘Software Testing Hall of Shame’ this week.

Perhaps the bank wasn’t aware that Original Software had announced its support for IE9 back in March: Original Software in Pole Position to Support Internet Explorer 9.

With Original Software you can discover an easier way to ensure your web applications are tested on all browsers.

Podcast: Innovations in Software Testing

Our very own Colin Armitage, CEO at Original Software, took to the stage along with HP, IBM and Microsoft to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the world of software testing. Topics under discussion included manual testing, agile testing and how test automation can be improved. Listen to the podcast here.

Manual Testing - The Smarter Approach

There appears to be a lot of hype in the market place right now about HP Sprinter revolutionising manual testing. A revolution? Really? At Original Software, we’re flattered that HP is attempting to play catch up to our existing manual testing solution.

TestDrive-Assist has been helping manual testers across the globe maximise their manual testing efforts and is particularly useful for agile testing. It dramatically reduces the time needed to perform manual software tests and increases their accuracy and effectiveness. If you’re thinking about HP Sprinter, we suggest you take a look at TestDrive-Assist instead.

We’ve set the standard for dynamic manual testing and we invite you to learn more by registering for our webinar: Manual Testing is Here To Stay.


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