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The Battle for Quality in the Boardroom

How can today’s IT Leaders tackle the application quality challenges they face?

Today’s IT leaders have the responsibility to drive innovation and efficiency and help build smarter companies that will flourish despite intense global competition.

However, they also face the challenge of restricted budgets, aggressive timescales and the business wanting new technologies for competitive advantage. Not only does this increase the pressure associated with managing such high profile IT initiatives, there is also added risk if the technologies don’t perform as expected.

So how can today’s IT leaders meet the challenge of ensuring their department rapidly deliver business value and meet the requirements of users, without compromising quality?

We’d love for you to join George Wilson, COO at Original Software, as he explores how you can boost your ‘application quality eco-system’ to deliver greater business agility, a faster time to market, with reduced risk and decreased costs. Register today!


Offer ends 31st August 2014 - Free business process documentation tool open to 5 private sector organisations in the USA and a further five in the UK, with a minimum of 1,000 employees.

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