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HP Sprinting to Catch Up Again?

Isn’t it great when a huge technology vendor, such as HP, starts paying attention to its
more innovative and visionary competitors, in an attempt to play catch up?

We discovered this just the other day, when we saw that HP was plugging a ‘copy cat’
manual testing tool at this winter’s TestExpo, which takes place on Dec 7th in London,
UK. Ironically named HP Sprinter, the launch of the tool has been rather slow in coming
to market.

HP is claiming the following:

“HP Sprinter is a manual testing revolution. Fully integrated with HP Quality Center
version 11, HP Sprinter is an easy to use solution that delivers accurate and efficient
manual software testing. HP Sprinter dramatically reduces the time needed to perform
manual software tests and increases their accuracy and effectiveness. Manual tests are
launched from HP Quality Center into HP Sprinter where the tester carries out the test.
The actions and results of the test are recorded as a storyboard and results are passed
back to HP Quality Center.”

It’s reassuring for us to see HP taking its first baby steps in following Original Software
and sharing our vision of making manual testing more efficient and productive. However,
HP Sprinter is hardly a revolution, especially when you consider that you need Quality
Center installed to make any headway with your manual testing. Not exactly a cost-
effective or stand alone solution!

TestDrive-Assist is our Dynamic Manual Testing solution that was introduced over three
years ago and has since set the standard for advanced manual testing. You can use it on
its own or with any of our other products in our solution suite.

So, just like its entry into Test Data Management- HP is rather late to the party again! But
hey everyone is welcome, and in our minds, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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HP really means High Price says QC customers

It’s not the first time I have seen blog posts by unhappy HP customers. But I thought the latest were worthy of comment…

There are some who are loyal to the HP brand and some who simply see HP solutions as unfit for purpose. It appears that the big software testing giant has reached “Marmite” status – you either love it or you hate it!

Below you are two blog extracts, the first is from HP’s public forum and the second is from the Test Automation group on LinkedIn. I have not published the names of each author in order to protect their privacy. But have a read and let us know your thoughts.

Are you in a similar situation, do you have similar frustrations or are you happy with your HP software test automation?

Blog Post One:

Actually, two month ago we upgraded to HPQC 10 Enterprise. The HPQC 10 client user interface is much slower then HPQC 9.0.

I do not recommend to use Premier version but it may know what you need.
For me I am still little angry about this because we pay regular maintenance and then the HP says that the Enterprise version is not the highest version. So we pay them the developing of new features but we do not get them without extra money. And of course the functions in the premier version are not so good for that very high price of premier version.

Blog Post Two:

I don’t find it good idea to buy such a costly tool, I am completely agree with Mr Andrey. But I personally feel HP does not have good business ethics. Once you buy the tool you are in the trap… they will use you as a money making machine.

Real example, when I was asking when you will have support for the latest version of the visual studio… summary of our talk was like this “Even though we understand that it is very important to give the support to latest version of add-ins but all engineers are very busy, so it is not possible to upgrade the same within 3months.(as we said we can wait max 3months before switching to other tool)” But they said they will do it if we pay some extra amount. Now you tell me if everyone is fully occupied then how money will solve the problem? they are using clauses of the business agreement in bad way… they are not bothered about your business. they are bothered about only their business their money….Hopeless attitude.

Original Software looks forward to your thoughts on this issue!


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