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Get a Grip of Your Test Data

What data do you use for your test environments? Production, generated, subsetted, masked? So many different approaches, but which way works best for you?

If test data is a topic close to your heart, you might be interested in a free webinar that we are running – ‘Get a Grip of Your Test Data’

It’s not too late to register for our third webinar in this very popular series on software testing and quality assurance.

“Get a Grip of Your Test Data” by Tim Bower will help you to put together a business case for ensuring the importance of having accurate application data for development and testing.

As you know, effective management of data is a critical component in ensuring that your test strategy delivers quality applications. But in meeting this challenge, are you protecting sensitive personal and financial data reducing the amount of storage space required for this data?

Listen in and learn:

• Practical steps for building an accurate test environment efficiently and legally
• How to ensure test data privacy within your test environment
• How you can manage and verify the database effects of your test execution

Join us for this webinar and learn more about the different strategies and techniques that can be used to support your test environment and improve the software quality within all your projects.

Register today at:

Agile Test Automation, Can It Be Done?

Join us on our next upcomming webinar, “Agile Test Automation, Can It Be Done?”

George Wilson, Original Software, will be hosting the webinar this Wednesday, May 12th 2010, discussing the reality of test automation in an Agile environment.

Agile is a methodology that requires a change in the way QA and development work together. The use of technology and automation are much more difficult and finding a practical approach to testing is critical for successful Agile projects. This webinar will explore how testing in Agile is different and George will give pragmatic advice to ensure application quality.

Listen in and learn how:

*    To overcome the barriers to Agile automation.
*    You can progress into automation gradually and easily even in an Agile environment.
*    Your application quality can be managed with complete visibility.

If you haven’t already registered, make sure you register today at:


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