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Wipro employee fraud repercussions

A news story last week on Silicon India has caught my attention – Wipro employee commits $4 Million fraud. The Indian IT services outsourcing firm has lost millions of dollars due to one of its employees embezzling money over the last three years. The employee stole a password and transferred funds from Wipro’s bank account.

This will undoubtedly have major implications for the company. Confidence in Indian outsourcing firms is at a low following the recent scandal at Satyam Computer Services. Satyam served as the back office for some of the largest banks, manufacturers, health care and media companies in the world. The fall of Satyam was supposed to have created a big opportunity for Wipro but with the latest news, not only has it lost its chance of monopolizing on this, but a big shadow has been cast over the company’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Commenters on the news story at Silicon India have the measure of the situation.

“Think about the Client INFO…… If wipro not able to protect their own money how will they protect client’s data ? This is truly a shameful situation.” RanjeetMemane 18 Feb, 2010

“This is really Shameful, A reputed company like Wipro cannot be so careless in Financial matters. when they are not able to protect their company information how they can protect other client’s data?” Arun Kumar PB – 18 Feb, 2010

Perhaps the worst thing is the slur that these companies have cast over Indian outsourcing as a whole. It has built up to be a billion dollar business with some genuinely great and reputable service providers out there doing a fantastic job, such as our partner AppLabs. I do hope that they are not all tarred with the same brush.

Test Automation – Right on Target

This is a presentation given by one of our customers. Ala’a Shouaib at Target Group at the Butler evnt recently

St. Valentines Data Massacre

On the 81st anniversary of the legendary US gangster slaying in Lincoln Park, Chicago, it is perhaps appropriate to use the title of the massacre as an analogy to describe two of the most dangerous, but widespread practices currently taking place within QA and testing departments around the globe.

Illegally testing on live data and ignoring database accuracy!

The simple fact is this: Carrying out testing on live data without the consent of the individual whose data is being processed is illegal.

So, what can be done? Is there a way for QA staff to carry on testing with live data without leaving themselves and their organisation at risk? In short, can this ‘data massacre’ be eliminated?

Yes it can. With a clear Test Data Management (TDM) strategy in place you can ensure that you will dodge those data protection bullets, as well as being happy in the knowledge that your entire testing process is underpinned by good quality, legal test data.

Read our whitepaper the “St. Valentine’s Data Massacre” to discover in detail how using techniques such as data scrambling, roll backs and manipulation can ensure your test data isn’t compromised.

Visit The “St. Valentines Data Massacre” page in our whitepapers section to get your copy now!

Faulty Software Caused Car Troubles

Poor Steve Wozniak, it wasn’t very nice for Steve to find that his accelerator pedal went crazy whilst he was driving his new 2010 Toyota Prius!

It seems this issue of software quality, or lack of quality, has finally made it to the vehicles we commute in. Reading stories about big companies being sued or fined over data breeches because of a software bug, does not top being almost killed in your car by a software bug!!

The message here is, get your software properly tested before it really does kill someone!

After reading this article you will probably be wondering about all the items you come into contact with everyday that uses software. Quite a lot!

Tell us what would be the worst software glitch that could happen to you? I’ll start with one…the worst software glitch in my everyday life would probably be if my Sky plus software did not record Star Trek Voyager! Okay, sounds tame, but I really don’t like missing episodes.

How about you??


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