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The Seven Deadly Sins of Software Test Automation

Just to get into the spirit of Halloween next week, take a look at our new whitepaper, “The Seven Deadly Sins of Software Test Automation,” (cue evil laugh). We do enjoy being original and I am sure you will have a little chuckle to yourselves with this one!

In this whitepaper we explore each of the seven deadly sins as they relate to software test automation. Instances that Original Software comes across time and time again and traps clients have often fallen into because of their earthly vices.

I don’t want to give too much away,  so if you would like to download this webform free whitepaper, here is the download link

I am quite eager to see what you think of this piece, so please write back with any comments! If you have a great sense of humour, why not reply back with your own software testing deadly sins!

hellfire – Software Quality Videos

Just a quick note for anyone who has not visited us before, welcome to our new corporate website!

Not only does the new website have better design and functionality, we have also added a new area called A collection of educational videos and content all about software testing and quality assurance. You can view our Software Quality Matters blog feeds and our twitters feeds, all from, and we hope to grow this area with more great videos. It would be great to add a message board so you can tell us what you think?

If you have any video content you feel would add value to please Get In Touch.

I hope you enjoy our new website and if you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I would love to hear from you?

Don’t forget to visit

All the best,

Maria Martin
Marketing Communications

Great Places to network with other Test and QA professionals

(Part 1 – Linked-In)


Linked-In is fast becoming one of the best platforms to pick up industry related news and network with other professionals. There are literally thousands of Linked-In groups, so much so, that finding the most relevant, biggest, best or most active groups can be a bit of a challenge!


To help you on your way, here is a selection of the groups we’re familiar with and can heartily recommend.


Agile (4,813 members)

Agile Enthusiast (638)

Agile Progect Management Group (3,851)

Agile Testing (595)

Agilistias (2,415)

American Society for Quality (11,054)

Automation Testing (518)

Methods & Tools (822)

QA Automation Architect (664)

QA Test Automation (1,010)

QA/Testing (1,193)

QAGuild Network (5,545)

Quality Assurance and Test Professionals / Analysts (242)

Senior Testing Professionals (1,579)

Software Test & Performance Group (914)

Software Testing & QA (997)

Software Testing & Quality Assurance (19,957)

Software Testing and Quality Assurance (2,561)

Software Testing Club (3,705)

SQA forums (2,366)

Test automation (3,875)

Test Development (552)

Test Management Forum (530)

Test Republic (298)

Test strategy and test management (741 members)



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