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RIP TestPlan, Long live Qualify

PRODUCT UPDATE – From next month Original Software will be replacing TestPlan, its original test planning tool, with a brand new solution named Qualify. Although the product will not have its official media launch until Autumn, when the additional enhancements will push it into a category of its own, Qualify v.1 will be on sale from April and far outstrips its predecessor in terms of its configurability and graphical interface.

A complete Application Quality Management (AQM) solution that unites requirements, test execution, defect management and reporting within one platform, with integrated communications channels and multi format reporting, Qualify provides all the information needed to make truly informed application quality decisions.

For more information, please visit the Qualify page on our corporate website , which includes a link to the official data sheet pdf.

Stirring Up a 5 Minute Revolution at TestExpo this week

EVENT NEWS – Original Software, the Application Quality Management (AQM) vendor, is hoping to cause a stir at this year’s TestExpo show, held at the Congress Centre in London WC1 this Thursday (the 26th March).

Exhibiting on stand number three, Original Software will be proving it is possible to build and run a fully automated regression test in less than five minutes. Delegates will also have the chance to chat to experts and win a Nintendo Wii by taking part in an interactive game on the stand.

George Wilson, the company’s Operations Director will be speaking in the midday slot of the conference tack, and his presentation ‘The 5 Minute Quality Revolution’ is aimed at making QA professionals re-think their perceptions of automation and show them how they can heighten productivity. “In this live presentation I will not only build a regression test from scratch, but run the test, change the application under test and re-run the regression test again – All in five minutes and without touching a single piece of code! We are calling it the 5 minute quality revolution and in those 5 minutes I’ll make you re-think your views about automation. There is a perception in the industry that automation is complicated and time consuming to achieve – many users have been scarred by solutions that take years to set up with lengthy builds and high maintenance scripts – we want to prove them wrong!”

TestExpo is one of the best UK software testing events and is free to attend for all pre-registered delegates. It includes a full programme of free presentations and lectures given by experts from the top companies in testing. Join us there by registering online at

Banned cliché’s and a worthy cause

These children could be made homeless

These children could be made homeless

This story was reported by the BBC yesterday – Councils get banned jargon list - a great step forward, as people working in the public sector are more guilty of this than anyone – EVEN MARKETING! – Ms Eaton said: “Why do we have to have ‘coterminous, stakeholder engagement’ when we could just ‘talk to people’ instead? I couldn’t agree more!

We’ve taken our dislike of these corporate clichés one stage further at Original Software, and, rather than a blanket ban enforcement, we’ve levied a corporate tax on the use of a whole list of words. Just 20p (or 50p for our most hated – ‘Leverage’ and ‘Paradigm Shift’) has, over the past month or so, tallied up to about £100. We’ve taken the decision to donate it to a really good cause that we have recently been alerted to – an orphanage in Nepal that is about to be made homeless!

George Wilson (our Operation Director)’s daughter is doing voluntary work with the children out in Nepal at the moment, and has found out the awful news that the orphanage is likely to have to close because the landlord is selling the premises. They are now desperately trying to raise £20,000 in order to secure a new home for their children. This is tragic news as the children have nowhere to go but back on the street. Good orphanages are rare and corruption is rife out there. They are great kids and deserve so much more from this world. We’d love to open people’s eyes to the children’s plight and gain as much sponsorship and support for this cause as possible.

Our list of ‘taxable words and phrases’ include: High altitude view, Holistic approach, Blue sky thinking, Think outside the box, On/off my radar, Brain dump, Good to go, Raise the flagpole, Heads-up, Touch Base, Grey area, Bandwidth, Let’s take that offline, Cascade information, 360 thinking, Triage, Drop the ball, Take a rain cheque, Going Forward, Sort the wheat from the chaff, singing from the same hymn sheet, My door is open on this issue, and the use of ‘did we…’ when someone blatantly means ‘did you’ (this was our highest earner)!

Anyway, more to come later on our efforts to raise cash for the orphanage and the progress we make, if you are interested in the cause or want to help out, please feel free to get in touch.

March issue of Testing Experience Magazine

The March issue of Testing Experience Magazine has been published and there is a great article from our very own George Wilson (pages 94-96) – The Reality of Software Testing in an Agile Environment. Ten QA Myths Blown Apart. Check it out at:

Update: This url may be moved or archived later: –

Automation puts the – A – in Agile

I read a really interesting article about the role of automation in agile testing on the sys-con media site recently and thought I should share it here – – It’s a really good piece about the challenges and benefits of using an automation solution in your agile scrum.

‘In terms of challenges, those interested in implementing agile testing automation are facing a number, such as operating agile and traditional testing methods side-by-side, identifying tools that are usable and flexible enough for an agile approach, allowing specific non-technical and non-testing members to actively contribute to the testing process, enabling open source integration, and enabling test-driven (or model-driven) development. Overwhelming? Yes. Insurmountable? Definitely not!’

The author goes on to say: ‘Agile software delivery relies on the right mix of people, processes, and tools. The choice of testing tools becomes critical for reaping the efficiency and quality benefits of agile. One side of the coin shows that the manual testing processes popular with most businesses today can make it difficult – if not impossible – to implement and scale agile delivery methods. On the other side of the coin are those automated testing tools designed solely for use in traditional environments that force testers to work within a certain development practice to ensure test accuracy. With such choices, it’s no wonder many companies fear adopting automated testing tools!

He’s got a point, so many of the authors I read and people we speak to, have such bad perceptions of the flexibility of automation that they just don’t see a place for it in an agile environment! They don’t know how wrong they are! He goes on to say…

Time to trade in that outdated “coin” for real change: an agile delivery process requires a shift to truly agile testing tools. When researching tools for implementing automated testing, watch out for those that can only be initiated at defined points in the development process, require specific QA knowledge, or require that specific development practices be used to guarantee precision. Automated testing puts the ‘A’ in agile, but only if the tools can deliver both flexibility and accuracy.’ Here, here!

Agile is certainly causing a stir in the industry at the moment, and with the emergence of TestDriven Development (TDD) some “experts” are suggesting the demise of QA. We’ve recently published an article responding to some of these myths and highlighting some of the challenges that QA teams will need to face in order to be successful in an increasingly Agile world. Please visit to download ‘The Reality of Software Testing in an Agile Environment – 10 QA Myths Blown Apart’


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