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ASUG Wisconsin – “You seriously want to buy my colleague”

I’ve got your attention, right? Before I explain, I first want to thank the attendees for being so supportive. The room was so crowded, we scrambled to find extra chairs and even more people came after we started.

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ASUG Ohio – “You like me, you really like me”

ASUG Ohio – “You like me, you really like me” (in my best Sally voice)

Let me start out by saying again that ASUG stands out on top for me as one of the most well prepared professional organizations. I can’t even describe how easy they make it for their presenters and booth vendors. It doesn’t matter what location, vendor or chapter… they do such a great job.

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Original Software sponsors Basingstoke Town F.C.

Original Software are delighted to announce their sponsorship of the Basingstoke Town FC First Team for the 2017/18 season. Original Software are headquartered in Basingstoke so this was a great opportunity to support their local football club at this exciting time in our history, as they complete the transition to a community owned club.

The club compete at the seventh tier of English football with a dynamic squad under the leadership of their manager, Terry Brown.

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A “happy day” at ASUG Georgia

ASUG_2017_Keynote_GA_Original-Software_final.pdf (15 downloads)

How pre-conditioning can be a block to effective automation results

On a recent training engagement with one of our customers, as is often the case, there were a selection of people with different abilities and experience who wanted to learn automation. On this specific course several of the people were automation engineers with lots of experience of coding a solution and the rest were business people with no automation knowledge.

My thoughts were that it would be easy to train the engineers but I would have to put more effort in to the business people and initially this was the case.

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Seven hot IT outsourcing trends — and seven going cold!

Part 2

I’m glad to see that digital transformation is finally driving this move to more strategic partnering with outsourcers, and all I can say is that it’s about time! I also think the factory model isn’t going anywhere… it has its place in the industry. But,
if you really want to move forward, strategic partnerships have been and will always be the key to success in outsourcing.

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Is software testing a “real career”?

I absolutely love reading testing blogs… they tend to focus on the future of testing and the advances we can make to get to market quicker. But, is this just a dream? The reason I ask is that I feel the frustration coming from software testers and their leaders that they are not valued when I meet with them.

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Seven hot IT outsourcing trends — and seven going cold!

Part 1

I read an interesting article this week on outsourcing trends that I want to share 7 hot IT outsourcing trends and 7 going cold. I must say I feel like the industry analysts are finally getting it! Outsourcing is not a bad thing; let’s face it, we can’t be experts at everything right?

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GDPR and Test Data – Nah!

Looking down the barrel of the GDPR canon which is pointed at all of us, there are many things to worry about. And as I review these concerns my feeling swerve from concern, to panic, to optimism, through realism, doom and back to panic.

You do wonder if anyone with a commercial background was involved in thinking through the commercial consequences…

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5 Trends Software Testers Should Keep an eye on in 2017

Software testing has come a long way since the great halcyon days of room-sized computing. There are more ways, and things, to test than ever before. With software technology continuously and confidently striding into the future, some test companies are paying close attention to what the trends are doing.

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