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Great Testing theme day hosted by MAF (Movex/M3 andvändarförening), Swedish M3 User Group

Great “Testing” theme day hosted by MAF (Movex/M3 andvändarförening), the Swedish M3 User Group, which we presented at with our Nordics and M3 partner, SOSY
Our thanks go out to MAF and Infor Sweden for hosting us. Steffen Westergaard and Kurt Enevoldsen from Gabriel, one of our M3 customers, did a great job of presenting their testing challenges and how they are using Original Software to improve their testing, saving time and money.
Find out more about Gabriel’s success here>>

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Ecommerce Website testing

Ecommerce validation (overview planning)
By their nature eCommerce websites have many paths to navigate to get to the eventual goal of making a sale. It is impossible to predict the stream taken as this could be different for every customer depending on their requirements. So exhaustive testing of all these areas is just not possible and it wouldn’t make sense to attempt it.

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UK UAT Survey Results

Our recent UAT survey uncovered some interesting, and sometimes worrying, statistics.

It is obvious that User Acceptance Testing, or UAT, is a major phase of any application delivery project, with 43% of respondents saying UAT accounted for well over 10% of the project time. However, 49% of respondents stated that UAT was less than effective with 11% of residual defects making their way into production.

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US UAT Survey Winner

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the prize draw from our recent UAT survey is Rajesh Sachdeva of the United Healthcare Group.
We thank all of those who took the time to complete the survey, sharing their knowledge and experience of user acceptance testing and its part in the application delivery process.
As promised those that took part will get prior access to the results and report which will be published shortly.

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The Shift Left Conundrum in Agile and SOA Testing

What does Shift Left mean?

Simply put, Shift Left is a mode of software testing that involves shifting testing to the left of its usual position in the delivery pipeline, so that it occurs as close as possible to the build process. This is a commonly accepted approach in the software testing industry, even if the concept itself is not entirely new but repackaged for the agile age.

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Biscuits. The answer is biscuits.


On hearing that word I was reminded of the endearing broadcasts and interviews with Jess Thom, a lovely lady who spoke about Tourettes syndrome. Her inspiring frankness and humour helped me gain a sympathetic understanding of some of the challenges associated with that condition. If you don’t know it, Google it and be prepared to smile and at the same time be grateful.

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The Challenges of Test Automation


I watched my colleague Jim Trentadue (J32 to me) talk to a Chicago “Lunch & Learn” audience this week about the challenges facing those trying to create a successful test automation strategy. It was a very interactive session which was not aimed at any of our solutions, it was entirely general.

I had not seen this presentation before and dutifully noted down the key points he made along with those offered from the experienced audience.

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What is UAT?

A Fresh Look at User Acceptance Testing
User Acceptance Testing is universally recognised as an important element in the delivery of stable software that meets the business requirements. However there are significant challenges in executing the UAT phase in accordance with best industry practices. Some of these challenges are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the importance of UAT.

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Why Test Automation Fails


Testing is crucial to a successful software delivery and testing needs to cover as many high-risk, critical areas as humanly possible. This is a known entity and is not newsworthy. But what is newsworthy are some key software failures in 2016 that people may not know about.

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We invite you to learn more about the ShifT-RighT program series from Original Software.
ShifT-RighT focuses on the Quality of Testing that we reflect with a capital ‘T’. It complements the movement of personnel in earlier stages of an SDLC (Shift-Left).

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