The Application Quality Conundrum

Resources, risk and application time to market are often in conflict as IT teams strive to deliver quality applications within their budgetary constrains. This is the Quality Conundrum.

Pressure is a way of life for IT development organisations. The demand from the business for new application functionality is unrelenting. At the same time, resources are limited because of the ever present need to contain costs.

For these reasons it is absolutely vital that everyone on your quality team, from designers and developers through to QA and users have the best tools to maximise their productivity and respond to business needs quickly.

Our mission is to provide a solution suite that will enable everyone involved in the development and implementation of new or enhanced applications to participate in the software quality process.

Complete Application Quality Management is both a mindset and an agenda. An unacceptable proportion of testing is focused on the visual layer simply because it is the only area that legacy test automation software can address adequately. It is our view that every aspect of an application must be tested, from the visual layer through to the underlying processes and database.

With industry leading innovation such as our code-free script building, and the ability of these scripts to change or ‘heal’ themselves when a change is detected in the application, means we have broken down the barriers associated with software test automation. Original Software makes application quality available to the widest possible audience. Our short learning curves and reduction in the need for specialised skills go a long way in improving your return on investment.

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