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Test Your Applications & Websites 4X Faster with Original Software

Why Choose Original Software? 10 Reasons

  1. Massive ROI: The software pays for itself before the end of your first project. Every subsequent project delivers additional ROI.
  2. Up and running in hours: Time and again, our customers say they love us because our technology doesn’t require technical skills. Designed even for business people performing UAT.
  3. Massive range of technologies supported: From packaged applications like SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite, through web apps like Salesforce.com and e-commerce, to custom development. Windows, IBM System i, HTML web, Java, Ajax, Flex, and legacy are all supported.
  4. Broad solution: Streamline your test management, test execution, test data management, even validation of live software.
  5. Methodology agnostic: Original Software has been acclaimed by the analyst community as the best solution for supporting agile. But our customers use many other methodologies just as successfully.
  6. Best of breed for ERP: Reduce Oracle or SAP ERP testing effort by a third. Our ease of use allows business users to test upgrades effortlessly, improving productivity and speeding up time to market.
  7. End-to-End Quality: Our ability to check every level of an application is unique. Manage quality at the visual layer, SOA, middleware and database.
  8. Customer support and services: Our Support and Services teams ensure our commitment to you, that you would expect from a dedicated contact group. Darren Houghton, QA Manager, HMV said: “Original Software also has very good support – their analysts always come up with a solution. They take responsibility and seem to care about the problem.”
  9. Cost effective: Competitive, flexible pricing makes it easy for you to partner with us.
  10. 400 customers and counting: You’re in great company. Hundreds of organisations around the world rely on our technology.

Contact us to find out more. Call +44 (0)1256 338666 or +1 630 321 0092 or email solutions@origsoft.com.

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